American Coach Lines of Atlanta

American Coach Lines of Atlanta has been serving the needs of our community since 1975 by providing outstanding customers service and innovative transportation solutions. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in public transportation in the Atlanta area. We partner with Fortune 500 Companies in the around Atlanta to provide them with a variety of transportation solutions. We have an excellent track record with our clients and consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

American Coach Lines of Atlanta’s current operations in Atlanta consist of both charters and contracts. We provide in excess of 15,000 charters per year to all metro Atlanta school systems, both public and private, at all levels from elementary to college as well as professional sports teams, conventions, corporations and an array of other requests. American Coach Lines of Atlanta is one of the few Department of Defense approved carriers for military requirements and we provide transportation to all White House personnel when visiting Atlanta. The military and White House work requires stringent guidelines and we are audited on an annual basis for compliance.

Our operational focus is to deliver safe, efficient and effective transportation to our customers. In order to achieve operational efficiencies, we encourage our managers to actively seek innovative solutions to operating issues. We reinforce our manager’s efforts with a full range of transportation management services, including administrative support, operations technical support, maintenance assistance and grants management support.

Please read more about our ground transportation services, then contact us to request information regarding the specific services you are interested in.

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